Friday 13 May 2016

Unveiling the NEW Moses Holden Telescope

From l-r Dr Allison Jones, Executive Dean of UCLan’s College of Science and Technology; Professor Derek Ward-Thompson, Director of UCLan’s Jeremiah Horrocks Institute; Professor Mike Thomas, UCLan Vice-Chancellor; Neal Parker, CEO of Green Witch; and Stephen Halliwell, Moses Holden’s biographer.
Wednesday 13th April 2016 saw the unveiling of the NEW 
high-end telescope at UCLan's dark-sky Alston observatory, in 
memory of Moses Holden 1777 - 1864.
Among many other things, Moses Holden was, in 1828, a
co-founder of the 'Institute for the Diffusion of Knowledge',
the organisation from which UCLan derive their beginnings.
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