Natural History related:

1.  St Kilda: The Lonely Isles”     (Above)
      A talk intended to whet the appetite of those still capable of going to the islands, and to satisfy the curiosity of those who can’t!!

2.  The Smaller Isles of the Hebrides: In a Small Boat”
     Visits to some of the smaller group of islands that Caledonian MacBrayne can’t get to.

3.    “Wild About Dorset”

4.    “Of Which I am Less Familiar”

5.    “Follow me – I’m a Naturalist”

6.     “Oh Dear! What can the ‘Machair’ be?   
          The story of an endangered habitat and its flora.

Local History:   

                        1.    “My Work as a Local History Detective”
           A talk that is intended to encourage others to seek out their local, and family, past. 
 2.    “Moses Holden 1777 - 1864: Astronomer, Lecturer, Methodist Evangelist”     (Above)
   Self-educated mathematician, Astronomer, telescope constructor, lens grinder, Evangelical Methodist preacher, Freeman of Preston, and much more

        "St. Kilda: A Social History"   (above)     A close look at how the remote islanders fared on this distant Hebridean outpost.

"Yes, we have no Galanthus"
A story of the humble Snowdrop
A talk that is suitable for all sorts of groups, as long as
you derive pleasure from this iconic herald of Spring.
    "Levens Hall: Park and Gardens"   (above)
          A number of visits to this popular North Lancashire venue. 
The 'handkerchiefs' can be seen quite clearly hanging from this tree at Holker Hall 

               "The Hornbeam to the Handkerchief Tree"
                  An enjoyable hour with some of our loveliest and oldest trees.  This one is developing into one of my most popular talks.

                      See Press Cutting, here 
              "Gresgarth Hall Gardens: Thro' the Seasons"
Enjoy the colours and textures of the changing seasons; in fact you can almost smell the changing aromas! 

'The Sub-Tropical Gardens of Abbotsbury:  My View' 
This Dorset garden, in the delightful village of Abbotsbury is spectacular. 
"Holker Hall Gardens"
The beautiful Cartmel Peninsula is well worth a visit for a number of reasons, but none more than the stately Holker Hall. 
"A Year in Sizergh Castle Park and Gardens" 
The gardens that have been created around a magnificent limestone rock garden, are just one of South Cumbria's jewels. This talk follows its progress through a typical year.

An interesting garden not far from Henley-in-Arden, probably best known for it Topiarised Yews, known as "The Sermon on the Mount". However, there's a lot more to this garden.
"ROUSHAM HOUSE, Oxfordshire"
Much of the work here was done by William Kent in the 1700s, and has been described by Monty Don as 'one of England's greatest gardens'.
This is the frontage to Bourton House, but we're also going to visit Batsford Arboretum and the India-inspired Sezincote, all of which are in a two and a half mile triangle in the beautiful Cotswolds.
 'Dahlia Walk' is just one of the features of this restored Victorian Gardens that take you to Egypt and China...…..and back again!
and  finally:

    “Inns, Taverns and Beer Houses of Preston”   

                                (Five talks)
    a.   “Invincibles to INN-vincibles”
    b.   “The Iconic Taverns of Preston”
    c.   “Licensed to Stroll the Market Square”
    d.   “Now, where did that name come from?”
    e.   “The Economic Growth of Preston, and their associated Watering Holes.”

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  1. I have heard a number of Steve's talks and they are always interesting, well worth booking him to speak to your group.