Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Charity Talk in the Lune Valley

A Charity Talk in the Lune Valley

Following twelve months of photography at the wonderful Gresgarth Hall Gardens, I made arrangements with the Caton Wi to organise an evening to celebrate the results of that year's work. Many groups in the area were contacted, and the talk was arranged for Monday evening the 22nd February 2016 for the 'Premiere' of the presentation.

The evening was organised for the benefit of St. John's Hospice in Lancaster, and initial results would indicate that about £500 will be going to that worthwhile charity as a result.
As the clock ticks round to a 7.30pm start, around 100 members of the local communitysettle down for an evening enjoying the gardens that are only a mile up the road from the Victoria Institute in Caton.

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