Thursday 24 January 2019


Thursday morning 24th January 2019

I took a gathering of around 60 folk on a virtual trip to the distant islands that comprise St. Kilda in the North Atlantic. Often, only the odd one or two members of my audience have been to St. Kilda, but this morning we drew a complete blank!
One lady's husband had been a number of years ago, and a gentleman in the audience had a friend whose brother had been!
However, it's to be hoped that I've whetted the appetite of a few of them to take up the challenge. It's one of those places that seems to have the power to draw you back again, so if I can get them there once, you never know.
The village hall where the U3a meet, is right next door to Hesketh Bank FC football ground.
It was a grey, misty morning, but at least the heavy frost had cleared from the day before.
The Community Centre is a thoroughly good place for their monthly meetings / lectures, with a good supply of equipment to make things a success.
The audience of around 60 people has begun to assemble in order to disseminate all the latest gossip, and before the curtains are drawn for the morning talk.
The talk went well, and I think the audience departed for their lunch intent on making the hazardous crossing to the islands...……….maybe?!

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